About Dr. Kathryn R. Williams

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Over 40 years of experience in university-level teaching and instructional material writing

After completing her PhD at the Florida State University in 1972, Dr. Williams worked as a postdoctoral researcher for a year at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.  She subsequently joined the faculty at Florida International University, then in its second year of operation, where she designed the lecture and laboratory programs in inorganic and analytical chemistry.

Dr. Williams moved to the University of Florida in 1979 to become the coordinator of laboratories in analytical, physical, and radiochemistry.  Since then, she has taught lecture courses in all areas of chemistry and has developed the laboratory curricula in analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis, physical and biophysical chemistry, and radiochemistry.  A major part of her responsibilities have involved researching and testing new experiments and instruments, including writing all the accompanying student texts and procedures.

During her teaching career, Dr. Williams wrote seven student laboratory manuals and coauthored over 50 technical publications, many of them describing new student laboratory experiments.  She also wrote ten successful grants to acquire and upgrade instrumentation for the student laboratories.

Dr Williams’ compositional skills and experience extend to other genres as well, having produced over 20 video tapes to enhance laboratory instruction.  From 1999 to 2010, she served as editor of the “From Past Issues” feature of the Journal of Chemical Education, for which she wrote non-technical articles on interesting or off-beat themes encountered in previous volumes of the journal.

Dr. Williams has studied several languages—Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and American Sign Language—although she does not claim to be fluent in any of them.  Because of this experience, she is extremely helpful in clarifying the writings of nonnative speakers of English, and can competently translate manuscripts from Spanish or French into English.

Now retired from full-time teaching, Dr. Williams has established WonderWorder, to make her writing expertise available to individuals and businesses.  She is willing to tackle projects in a variety of areas, including theses and manuscripts in technical and non-technical disciplines.

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