Journal Manuscript Editing Services

As a seasoned, 40+ year veteran of scientific inquiry, Dr. Kathryn R. Williams brings a diverse set of skills to ensure journal article submissions are grammatically correct and clearly written. While you may think your manuscript and research is top-notch, journal editors will be taking a really critical look at your work.

It’s not unheard of for a journal manuscript to be rejected or sent back for revision over seemingly minor grammatical and sentence structure issues.

Dr. Williams, a.k.a. the WonderWorder, has been preparing journal manuscripts and articles for a wide variety of publications for nearly 4 decades, and has a keen eye for understanding what editors are looking for.

You’ve feverishly been working to complete your journal manuscript and probably have read through it many times. However, it can be really easy to gloss over any errors, which is why a fresh set of eyes is critical to ensuring your manuscript is free of grammatical mistakes and written as clearly as possible.

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