Education and Social Science Dissertation Editing

The road to your PhD is nearing its end. You’ve spent years in school and look forward to walking across that stage on graduation day.

Before you can receive your degree though, you have to complete your dissertation and defend it before your committee. As you feverishly work to complete your thesis, grammar, sentence structure and word choice are probably the furthest things from your mind.

Your committee though may not be that forgiving. You may think a misspelled word or missing comma is no big deal, but to the people who will ultimately give the thumbs up or thumbs down, it will be seen as sloppy work.

Dr. Kathryn R. Williams assists PhD students in Education and other social science fields by providing personalized editing to ensure your dissertation is free from embarrassing mistakes.

Your dissertation has been a work in progress for a year or more. This massive document represents the culmination of your academic career, and is a significant milestone along the way to earning your doctoral degree.

Although you’ve probably read through it many, many times, it can be easy to miss a misspelled word, missing comma or poorly structured sentence.

A second set of eyes, especially ones with experience for ferreting out issues like this, can mean the difference between an enthusiastic or lackluster reception by your committee.

Thanks to her career as a teacher, advisor, writer and researcher, Dr. Williams brings a unique skillset that other editors lack. This equips her not only to spot grammatical errors, but also to provide actionable advice for making your dissertation better.

If you’re a PhD candidate in Education or other social science field, please don’t delay in getting a second look at your dissertation.

Contact Dr. Williams today to discuss your project, rates, scheduling and more, or click here to learn more about her background and how she helps PhD candidates in a wide range of fields.