Personalized Dissertation & Manuscript Editing for Non-English Scholars

Dr. Kathryn R. Williams assists students and scholars from China and around the world ensure their works exceed U.S. English standards

If you’re from a country where English isn’t the first language, the road to your PhD comes with a few more challenges. Not only must you learn spoken English in order to fulfill your teaching requirements, you also need to be able to prepare your dissertation and scholarly articles clearly and concisely.

This presents a unique challenge to graduate students and scholars from China, Korea and elsewhere in the world. How can I ensure this critical paper doesn’t contain grammatical and formatting errors?

WonderWorder dissertation and manuscript editing harnesses decades of experience working with non-U.S. scholars to provide personalized editing

Throughout her career, Dr. Williams has worked with students and colleagues from around the world, including China and other Asian countries. She in fact traveled to China in 2014 to work directly with students at Hunan University. Through this and other experiences, she has developed a keen eye for the challenges foreign scholars face, including the challenge of preparing a clearly written dissertation or academic journal article.

You’re likely very exhausted between finishing your research, drafting your thesis and fulfilling other requirements of your PhD degree. Having your final paper reviewed by an experienced editor will help ensure your seminal work gets the reception it deserves. Disciplines include – Chemistry, Physics and Engineering.

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