Chemistry PhD Dissertation Editing

You’ve finished your research and are now eagerly preparing your dissertation and final defense. The dissertation itself is a massive document that takes months of preparation preceded by years of research and course work.

As you hastily work to complete your thesis paper, there are no doubt grammatical and formatting errors that need addressing – even the most talented writers need a second set of eyes to ensure their work is free from embarrassing mistakes.

Wonderworder helps Chemistry PhD candidates ensure their years of hard work is presented in a concise and grammatically correct way.


Preparing your Chemistry doctoral dissertation involves more than just putting words to paper. It also includes tables, charts, graphs and other enhancements that are critical to building a concise scientific argument.

Dr. Kathryn R. Williams understands the challenges doctoral students face in preparing their final paper. After working on the same document for months on end, it can be very easy for errors to slip by. What may look like a near flawless paper to you may in fact be littered with all sorts of embarrassing mistakes.

Dr. Williams (a.k.a. “The Wonderworder”) assists Chemistry students in the following sub-specialties:

  • Inorganic
  • Organic
  • Analytical
  • Biochemistry
  • Polymer

Besides having a keen eye for spotting grammatical mistakes, Dr. Williams’ lifelong experience in Chemistry uniquely positions her to offer additional suggestions for properly presenting research findings and data. Although you may have only a few minor errors, you may have an improperly formatted table, or need to present your information a little differently.

Check out Dr. Williams’ bio to learn more about her writing, teaching and research background, and also check out her dissertation editing for non-English students if you are preparing your dissertation in a second language.

And to speak with Dr. Williams about your Chemistry dissertation, email or call (352) 392-7369 for rates, scheduling and more.