Expert Dissertation and Journal Manuscript Editor

canstockphoto8250052When you’re feverishly preparing your dissertation or journal article, grammar and sentence structure are probably the farthest things from your mind. Your primary goal is to complete your draft and prepare it for publication.

However, what may seem like a minor mistake or insignificant detail to you may standout to your dissertation committee or fellow scholars. While your central thesis may be well supported by your research, what your readers will likely remember is all of the misspelled words, poorly structured sentences and missing commas.

Dr. Kathryn R. Williams (a.k.a. “The Wonderworder”) helps PhD students and scholars ensure their work is free of embarrassing mistakes.

Throughout her 40+ year career as a student, teacher, scholar and advisor, Dr. Williams has developed a keen eye for spotting grammatical errors and poorly structured sentences and paragraphs.

Unlike other editing services though, Dr. Williams’ diverse background equips her to provide personalized advice to everyone from an up-and-coming PhD candidate to the most seasoned scholar.

No matter your experience, it can be really easy to gloss over spelling and other grammatical mistakes in your own work, especially if you’ve read over it several times already. A fresh set of eyes could mean the difference between an enthusiastic or lackluster response from your committee, colleagues, or journal referees.

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